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By Curtis Campbell • October 25, 2013

Dispelling Rumors: The Truth Behind SAP's Announcement

The ERP marketplace is more competitive than ever before, especially with regards to cloud-based ERP.  Competition is fierce, and untruths run rampant amongst that space.  But, rather than participate in such, this post seeks to dispel any rumors that YOU, the customer or prospective customer, may have heard regarding SAP Business ByDesign.

With that in mind, the market transition to the cloud, as well as SAP's success in in-memory technology - is creating new opportunities to revitalize many core business processes.  Many of you may have heard the term "HANA," which is SAP's single, unified platform that enables businesses of all sizes, across all industries and lines of business, to run their entire enterprise in the cloud.

The news of last weekend partially failed to communicate that SAP Business ByDesign, and its users, will in fact benefit from this leading technology too, especially as SAP refactors parts of the SAP Business ByDesign platorm, so to take maximum advantage of SAP's HANA breakthrough capabilities as well as dramatically improve speed and usability.  As part of this, all of the know-how of SAP Business ByDesign is being preserved, and likewise is brought forward to benefit your business.

Contrary to some erroneous reports, SAP is NOT phasing out of SAP Business ByDesign, nor is development going to be "sunsetted."  For you, the end users, and prospective users, nothing will change.  SAP remains fully committed to all SAP Business ByDesign customers, and you will continue to benefit from SAP Business ByDesign.  Meanwhile, SAP's development teams will refactor parts of the product so to take maximum advantage of the platform, non-disruptively, just as they have recently done for SAP's Business Warehouse, for planning applications as well as SAP's Business Suite.

You can be assured that:

1) There is no end-date of maintenance planned for SAP Business ByDesign

2) SAP will extend the current version of SAP Business ByDesign with new features, including the upcoming 14.02 release.  From 14.02 onwards, SAP will provide smaller extensions via hot fix collections rather than full feature packs.  SAP's Business ByDesign development team will lead these developments.

3) Partners, such as Navigator, will continue to develop application functionality on top of SAP Business ByDesign.  This will be supported by SAP's development team tasked with maintaining, as well as enhancing the product.

4) SAP remains fully committed to SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Cloud for Travel.  SAP further plans to leverage SAP HANA capabilities to the fullest extent for these solutions.  In fact, SAP is increasing its investment across the board to continue functional improvements as well as support awareness and sales for these solutions.

In summary, SAP holds that its customers' success is at the heart of everything they do.  SAP believes that its customers' success is inextricably linked to its ability to continually innovate, so that they can offer the greatest business value available in the market today.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Navigator, SAP's #1 Global Partner for SAP Business ByDesign at 877.395.4SAP or email info@nbs-us.com

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