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By Curtis Campbell • May 17, 2014

Autonomy Technology Simplifies and Standardizes with SAP Business ByDesign

ATI was founded in May of 2004 to service the portable power generation, mining and industrial MRO and OEM markets. Its founder, Greg Knowles, has been heavily involved with the manufacturing and distribution of custom cable assemblies and distribution equipment for companies such as Cummins and Caterpillar since the mid 90′s.

ATI has been an innovator in the portable power market by providing the highest quality products through exclusive distribution agreements with manufacturers such as General Cable and Schneider Electric. The company has also developed manufacturing and distribution processes that solve logistical and quality problems that customers typically encountered. ATI has always been focused on service as its competitive advantage, with core value number one being “Customer service is the top priority of everyone in the company”. When asked what products ATI provides, the typical answer, regardless of who you ask in the company is “our product is our service”. Greg contributes the company’s rapid market share growth to this commitment to service.

"As part of this, we faced several challeges with regards to our business model," said Greg Knowles, founder of ATI.  One of those issues is that we have thousands and thousands of part numbers because we represent hundreds of different vendors. With this in mind, we have to have to have the ability to create Bills of Material that are very unique to each customer's needs.  And there are not many software solutions out there that can do this."

"The main thing we loved about SAP Business ByDesign is that you knew exactly what you were getting when buying SAP ByDesign.  With some of the other solutions, like Netsuite, you were buying only bits and pieces.  With SAP, we were getting a full suite of functionality, all with a fixed cost up front, leading us to believe it was a much better solution."

To hear Greg's whole story, watch the video below. Questions?  Call 877.395.4SAP today!