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By Curtis Campbell • December 12, 2014

Customer Success with SAP ByDesign - The NOCO Company

ByD_Logo_TransparentEveryone hates going out to their car, realizing that you left your lights on, leaving them with a dead battery.  Well, headquartered just outside Cleveland, OH, one company is setting out to make sure that this is not a problem anymore.  

The NOCO company is the leading manufacturer of battery technology solutions for consumers, businesses and government agencies all around the world.  Their relentless pursuit for quality excellence is what separates NOCO from competitive brands.  With their mission of establishing good leadership, delivering innovation, and growing, NOCO needed a more sophisticated ERP system to manage their business.  With a small, overworked IT staff, they looked to SAP and the cloud to support their business going forward.  

In the video below, Drew Sprungle, Director of Finance at The NOCO Company shares why their investment in SAP Business ByDesign is crucial to their short & long term goals for growth and success.


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