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Alternatives to SAP for Small Business

The use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a necessity for businesses that want to set themselves up for success. The question is no longer “Is SAP a good fit for a small business?” or “Do small businesses use ERP systems?” Instead, companies are asking which software is the best fit for their needs and goals. SAP Business One is the obvious choice–its track record has kept it the preferred platform of thousands of SMEs. However, SAP does come with limitations, and depending on what you’re looking for, you may find that alternatives such as Odoo, NetSuite, or Quickbooks are the best fit for your company.

Top SAP Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to SAP for small businesses to consider. Each of these alternatives provides some level of functionality that may be useful in the right context. However, SAP Business One’s breadth and scope far exceeds most alternatives. 


Odoo is an open-source business management platform with multiple modules, making it suitable for small businesses that have multiple systems, processes, and projects. It comes with a beautifully designed and easy-to-use interface, plus a trove of apps that you can install as needed. 


Acumatica is a complete cloud ERP that can serve various business processes with cross-module workflows. It can handle financials, content management, project management, reporting, and business intelligence, all while providing teams with visibility of their tasks and the company as a whole.


Quickbooks is an intuitive accounting software application designed to solve all of a business’s financial needs, including creating invoices, tracking cash flow, and generating reports and projects. It’s a great SAP alternative for small businesses looking to improve their financial processes.


NetSuite is another leader in providing accounting services to small businesses. With its built-in flexibility, this platform can help you easily scale your business or pivot when needed. It’s also commerce-ready, making it a strong choice for businesses with shops and customer-facing services.


Deskera offers features such as accounting, payroll, and human resources to support the revenue-building efforts of SMEs. This software also helps with administrative tasks like dropshipping and creating quotes and expense reports. Deskera also makes it easy for business owners to track their company’s performance at a glance and for employees to accomplish tasks without external support.

Benefits of SAP Business One

While these SAP alternatives do offer a lot of benefit to SMEs, SAP Business One remains the superior ERP. This SAP product was designed specifically for SMEs and offers features that support everything a small or medium business might need to achieve success, including:

  • financial management
  • sales and customer management
  • purchasing and inventory control
  • production planning
  • business intelligence
  • analytics and reporting

Why SAP Business One Wins Out

SAP Business One is an all-around solution that’s customizable to your company’s needs and goals. It improves your workplace efficiency, which translates into increased revenue and improved customer relationships. SAP Business One also comes with a set of tools that gives you complete control over your business and enables you to make better decisions.

Customize Your Operations

SAP Business One lets you work on all areas of your operations in a single location, and gives personnel convenient access to the data and tools that they need. It’s also customizable and flexible enough to grow as your business grows.

Optimize Your Workplace Efficiency

SAP Business One provides increased visibility through better project management, optimized processes, and transparent workflows.

Have Complete Control Over Your Business

SAP Business One provides reporting and analytics that you can use to gauge the performance of your business and quantify your business decisions.

Get SAP Business One for Your SME

People used to think that SAP was reserved for large Fortune 500 companies, but with SAP Business One, this software has been made accessible to SMEs. It powers thousands of small businesses around the world, and its powerful resources are available to anyone. Request a demo to learn more about how SAP Business One can help your business thrive.

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