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Evaluating the Scalability of Various ERP Systems for Manufacturing Growth

When a manufacturer first puts in place an ERP for food and beverage operations, the focus usually is on getting the system up and running and other tasks such as overcoming ERP...


Where Automation Improves Inventory Management

Through the use of these six automation elements, manufacturers can improve inventory management in a number of ways.


Optimizing Manufacturing Operations with ERP-Driven Data Analytics

Industry 4.0, which is the use of data analytics, digital technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT), has been called the fourth industrial revolution. Central to this...


Automation: The Core of Efficient Inventory Management

As accurate and efficient as employees can be in the inventory department, machines are better at it. Manufacturers already know that robotic process automation improves...


Why are inventories often not efficient?

When manufacturers think about efficient inventory management, usually the first things that come to mind are knowing the location of raw materials and finished goods, and making...


Traceability and Scalability in ERP Systems for Food Production

When evaluating ERP for food manufacturing, there are many considerations. Two factors that food manufacturers should not overlook, however, are traceability and evaluating ERP...


Leveraging ERP for Enhanced Decision-Making in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

An informed decision is always better than a guess. That’s why data is so important for food and beverage manufacturers today. With a food and beverage ERP (enterprise resource...


6 Ways ERP Production Planning Helps Manufacturers

Few areas impact a manufacturer more than efficient production planning, and few tools are better for production planning than an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP)....


What is a Manufacturing Execution System?

A key component of lean manufacturing methodology is using a manufacturing execution system for monitoring, tracking and controlling the manufacturing process. Although this isn’t...


Material Resource Planning and Its Role in Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing solutions have significantly evolved over the years as computers have become more powerful and manufacturing efficiency has gone from a competitive...


Why Growth-Focused Manufacturers Need an Industrial Manufacturing ERP Solution

No manufacturer has a zero-growth strategy. But homegrown or outdated technology can make a manufacturing business look like it is slumping toward a no-growth goal.The difference...


How ERP Supports Lean Management Manufacturing

There are many ways to drive profitability in manufacturing, but one of the most widely used is the lean manufacturing methodology which focuses on cutting unneeded processes for...


Batch Manufacturing Records: What You Need to Know

Lean manufacturing requires strong process control and organization. Whether making industrial product solutions or consumer goods, manufacturers benefit from master records that...


Industrial Manufacturing Solutions: Achieve Cost-Effective Transformation

Environmental, social, and competitive trends challenge industrial manufacturers today. While making things still is at the heart of industrial manufacturing, the complexity has...


Future-Proofing Your Business: CBD Manufacturing ERP, Scalability for Continued Growth

Imagine this: the year is 2027. CBD is a household staple, lining grocery shelves and doctor's offices alike. Your once-bustling CBD (Cannabis) manufacturing facility now feels...


A Concise Guide to Lean Manufacturing Inventory Management

Lean inventory makes erp for the manufacturing industry more efficient. And that reduces costs.The core idea of lean inventory management is a simple one that is broadly and well...


ERP Software for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers face the pressure of improving operational efficiency, reducing operation and maintenance costs, and increasing business profitability, as with all businesses. But...

Consumer Products

Consumer Goods Manufacturing Process: An Insider's Guide to Production Mastery

The number of moving parts and variables within CPG manufacturing command accurate, real-time oversight, with issues such as poor supply chain management and a lack of inventory...


ERP for Process Manufacturing: Unleashing Efficiency and Productivity

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system eliminates gaps and inconsistencies in information availability, allowing your workforce in multiple functions and locations to...

Advantages of ERP

Benefits of ERP in Manufacturing: Unlocking Hidden Potential Where You Least Expect It

As a manufacturer, it’s important that you continuously discover new and more effective ways of running your business so that you can remain competitive. For instance,...


Why SAP ERP Makes Sense for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Legacy software systems no longer make sense for life sciences businesses, especially growing organizations in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.The problem is that...

ERP manufacturing

What is an ERP system in Manufacturing?

Running a successful business requires setting up systems that integrate your daily operations for enhanced productivity and efficacy. One of the primary systems your business...

digital transformation

Why Integrated Digital Systems Are Vital for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Need an example of why legacy systems just don’t cut it anymore? Look to the pandemic.

Life Sciences

What Is The Difference Between MES and ERP For a Life Sciences Manufacturer?

Manufacturing in the life sciences industry encompasses a broad range of processes and functions. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES)...

SAP Automation

Save Time and Money with ERP Accounts Payable Automation

Many businesses want a more efficient process for vendor invoice approval, and with good reason.

Cloud ERP

How Cloud ERP Helps Manufacturers Compete

Business, like football, is often a game of one-upping the competition by staying ahead of the curve. The new area where manufacturers are competing is on the backend with...


5 Keys for Improving Manufacturing Cost Estimates

Manufacturers are optimistic, at least according to the latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey conducted by National Association of Manufacturers; optimism is at an all time high of...

ERP manufacturing

Why Manufacturers Need Cloud ERP

The value of ERP systems is widely understood in the manufacturing community. The importance of a digital system of record for tracking all aspects of production and distribution...

Press Release

Navigator Business Solutions Releases Turnkey SAP® Cloud ERP Solutions for Manufacturers and Distributors in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, June 14, 2018 — Navigator Business Solutions, an SAP® Gold Partner, has released a pair of turnkey ERP solutions designed specifically for manufacturers and...


Overcoming Today’s CPG Manufacturing Challenges with ERP

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) is a dynamic space that is changing rapidly due to better-informed consumers and new global market opportunities. These changes make fo exciting...


How Real-Time Forecasting Helps You Stay Ahead of Demand

In an increasingly competitive market, demand-driven supply network optimization can imbue your consumer packaged goods (CPG) company with the predictive power to succeed.