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An Affordable ERP Solution to Support the Requirements of Public Sector Organizations



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Lay a Solid Foundation for Your Public Sector Organization

Small and midsize public sector entities have the same need for robust and functionally rich enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions as their larger counterparts. Unlike those larger entities, small and midsize public service organizations have limited resources, both in budget and people, and these resources get squeezed year after year.

Regardless of size, all public sector organizations face mounting pressures, including:

  • Increasing constituent expectations for higher quality services
  • Demands for stricter accountability and greater transparency
  • Ever-changing governmental reporting and funding regulations to which they must comply
  • Islands of legacy information not integrated into a single IT landscape, resulting in inefficient operations, inaccurate data, and inadequate support for strategic decisions


The SAP® Business ByDesign® solution is a cloud- based ERP software as a service that connects every function of your organization to proven best practices and in-depth analytics. You’ll get the foundation to scale without the complexity and cost, so you can pass the benefits you gain on to your constituents.

ERP Software in a Box

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based, com- prehensive business solution built from the ground up with flexible business processes based on best practices from thousands of organizations. Instead of functioning with multiple systems, eliminate the silos impeding productivity and consolidate your operations in a single solution. This eliminates duplicate data entry while cleaning up redundant information throughout your organization. Its delivery in a simple, quick-to-implement package helps you dramatically improve your operations.

Transparency and Accountability

SAP Business ByDesign meets the specific needs of your organization,whether it’s a local government, school board,or an education and research institute. Combining standard finance functions with features specific to public sector interests, SAP Business ByDesign is ideal for streamlining your daily operations and facilitating encumbrance accounting, fund accounting, and reporting. While compliance with today’s regulations is important, you know the regulatory landscape will continue to evolve. Leading edge technology from SAP can help ensure that your organization has the built-in flexibility, accountability, and transparency to comply now and in the future


With SAP Business ByDesign, analytics aren’t an add-on, they are embedded and a part of every process so you get full transparency into every aspect of your organization to make the right decisions. You can see where the organization needs to adapt and improve. You can then move forward with the right tools to make adjustments quickly to provide greater accountability.

Continuous Innovation

SAP Business ByDesign is a safe, smart choice – backed by SAP and with a proven track record of ongoing investment, innovation, and delivery in the cloud. SAP consistently delivers new features and processes through quarterly product updates to allow you to take advantage of the latest innovations.


Delivered by authorized SAP channel partners, SAP Business ByDesign is preconfigured, rapidly deployable, and competitively priced.


You can buy SAP Business ByDesign, public sector edition, from an authorized SAP channel partner. These partners combine their industry knowledge and IT expertise to help you purchase, implement, and support SAP solutions.


Join the hundreds of small and midsize organiza- tions reaping the advantages of integrated and preconfigured business processes based on best practices, lower cost of ownership, and faster implementation. Call Navigator today.


This article was originally published in the SAP Whitepaper, "An Affordable ERP Solution to Support the Requirements of Public Sector Organizations" here.


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