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Loxodo WMS Solution Overview Webinar (Features & Functions)

Clients tell us they face challenges in their warehouse:

  • Inaccuracy of order items
  • Tracking with Paper and Spreadsheets
  • Lacking real-time visibility
  • Need to reduce discrepancies
  • Order to pick, pack, and ship process is cumbersome
Would reducing similar pain points improve your business?

Watch Loxodo WMS Solution Overview for SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One, hosted by Navigator.

Loxodo WMS is purpose-built to extend SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One, ERP through your warehouse to organize, optimize and streamline the end-to-end processes and visibility into your organization.




Good morning, everyone. This is Jack Thrush with Navigator.
Welcome to our monthly customer experience webinar. today's webinar is, focused on our Loxodo warehouse management system, pretty excited about it. And, with me, I have, Ralph Hess, who is our VP of sales and marketing, and also the, the, executive, assigned to our Loxodo warehouse management system. And, he’s gonna walk you through the system today, a bit of housekeeping, for those of you who have been on this, these sessions before we place everyone on mute, primarily because of background noise and the dreaded go to webinar echo. so it may, it very difficult to present things. So we put everyone on mute. If you have any questions, that you're thinking of, we'll save a little time at the end. just utilize the questions box on the go to webinar, like pop out screen. That should be up on your screen. so just type your questions in there, and again, we'll answer them at the end of the session. If for some reason we don't get to your question or we can't answer it on the call, we'll follow up with you individually, but, thank you for joining and with that, I'll turn it over to Ralph.
Great. Thanks. Good morning to you as well, Jack, and, and to all who are on this webinar, welcome back to, I see there's a number of you, you, that we've spoken to about, Loxodo, warehouse management previously, who may have seen earlier versions of it and to those of you who are new welcome, we're very excited to introduce our, our really sophisticated warehouse management solution to you in, the marketplace. So Loxodo, as, as we talk about it is a native multi-tenant public cloud solution. that's a, that's a mouthful bottom line. It was built on the cloud, born on the cloud and has been built from scratch over the last two years to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer. So it is a full cycle solution that's designed to make warehouse simple again, obviously over the last two or three years, there's been a lot of changes in the way that people are doing warehousing, trying to get as streamlined as possible.

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