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By Curtis Campbell • October 4, 2013

SAP ByDesign Pre-Conference Blog Series: Part 3 - DiCentral & ALLiGACOM Partnership/Sponsorship

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The 2nd Annual SAP Business ByDesign Users Conference is right around the corner, and as such, we want to give registered attendees as well as potential attendees another reason to attend this great event.  At the conference, attendees will hear directly from SAP, Navigator and other top-tier solution partners on how to better leverage their existing SAP Business ByDesign system.  One of these ways is by integrating ALLiGACOM's (now part of DiCentral) strong EDI software with SAP Business ByDesign.DIC Logo

Whether you're a small business or a large organization, integrating SaaS EDI in your business management system can deliver substantial cost savings and increased productivity.  By reducing the time and expense associated with managing EDI communication with customers and suppliers, integrated SaaS EDI represents the leading edge of supply chain technology.

ALLiGACOM/DiCentral's expertise is EDI integration with business management systems.  They work with a selected group of leading business technology partners, to ensure that their SaaS EDI solutions constantly evolve with the many advances in enterprise software and follow established, proven design protocols.

And recently, ALLiGACOM joined forces with DiCentral, one of the fastest growing companies in its field, with a broad suite of products and solutions to meet the unique needs of any size business.  Their solutions address many industry challenges, such as mandated compliance, global trade management, global data synchronization, transaction management, and more. DiCentral products are highly versatile, flexible, and reliable, providing over 4,000 businesses with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Together, ALLiGACOM and DiCentral will be sponsoring the upcoming SAP Business ByDesign Users Conference.  Jacques Vigneualt, their Chief Sales Officer will Keynote Day 1, focusing his remarks on Supply Chain Management, and how ByDesign users can leverage best of breed technology readily available in DiCentral and SAP Business ByDesign in one integrated, cloud-based application. 

Further, attendees can see the integration in detail and in action during the breakout sessions occuring Monday afternoon, October 21st.  

To learn more, contact us today, 877.395.4SAP or email info@nbs-us.com