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Collaboration & ERP Allows Organizations to Streamline Work - Forbes Article

Ralph Hess, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Navigator Business Solutions was recently quoted in a Forbes.com article.

The full article discusses, 'Why The Best Kinds Of Collaborations Free Up An Executive Team’s Time'. Ralph sheds light on the importance and efficiency Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can have for the enterprise as a whole!

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By delegating lower-level tasks to other individuals or systems, workers now have the opportunity to dedicate their time to the most crucial activities, particularly enhancing the effectiveness of existing collaborative endeavors.

A compelling illustration is demonstrated by Ralph Hess, the Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Navigator Business Solutions. In a recent discussion, he stated, "Establishing an environment that fosters collaboration across departments and teams liberates everyone's time in invaluable ways. For instance, leveraging ERP systems to facilitate communication and data coordination allows executives to spend less time on team and individual coordination and instead focus more on implementing strategic initiatives. A well-designed collaborative framework empowers everyone to work more efficiently."

Consequently, streamlined collaborative efforts shift their emphasis away from "management" aspects such as scheduling coordination meetings, ensuring that necessary communications occur seamlessly throughout. Through the utilization of ERP software and internal communication platforms, a robust framework enables executives and their teams to concentrate on accomplishing strategic objectives rather than engaging in project management.

Adopting this approach can yield significant time savings while simultaneously enhancing productivity in collaborative projects.

Read the full article here.

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