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ERP Software for Small Manufacturing Business

Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP, is a critical tool for manufacturing and distribution firms that want to obtain complete visibility into core business processes. Manufacturing involves a lot of processes, and ERP software such as SAP Business ByDesign helps in the coordination and management of the many moving parts that contribute to a successful manufacturing business.

ERP is not just for large companies. Small manufacturing businesses can use ERP software to manage financial operations and operation schedules, reduce data errors, help with reporting and forecasting, produce real-time data, and ensure prompt communication between employees.

ERP Can Help Small Manufacturing

ERP software for small manufacturing businesses helps automate and centralize processes to give small manufacturing businesses real-time views into all aspects of manufacturing from raw materials to finished products, while improving efficiencies, and costs. 

There are hundreds of ERP software packages available, but we will share ten that are best suited for small manufacturing businesses. ERP software for laboratory management tools is also available for those companies that need it.

1. NetSuite

NetSuite is utilized by over 40,000 organizations and is one of the most widely used ERPs worldwide. In addition to its industry-leading inventory, supply chain, and warehouse management features, NetSuite includes financial management tools. Businesses can also purchase an affordable license to access up-to-date trends in their industry.

2. Cetec

Businesses looking for affordable, world-class manufacturing management software should consider Cetec. At $40 per user per month, businesses can access cloud-based ERP, customer relationship management, and sales management software for manufacturing quoting, inventory management, warehousing, quality assurance, and more.

3. SAP

The provider SAP offers several ERP options, including SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One, that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a manufacturing business. SAP ranks among the most highly functional and affordable ERPs for small manufacturing businesses.


SYSPRO is manufacturing software offering ERP for growing businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industries. SYSPRO can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or through a hybrid model, making it more versatile than most ERPs.

5. Rootstock

Rootstock is designed specifically for manufacturing businesses and offers production and capacity scheduling, shop floor control, as well as inventory, purchasing, and financial management tools. It also offers additional modules for computer-aided design, engineering, change management, sales order management, returns and repairs, and other services.

6. Acumatica

Acumatica was designed for businesses operating in the distribution, manufacturing, service, retail and e-commerce, and construction industries. Acumatica has three full-service suites for distribution, professional services, and manufacturing. Every small business will find Acumatica to be a great tool to help grow and scale. 

Find more information on how Acumatica measures up to its competitors, read more in our post on SAP Business ByDesign versus Acumatica.

7. Sage

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management is an all-in-one suite software that offers modules for warehousing, logistics, document management, business intelligence, and manufacturing. In addition, small businesses adopting this software benefit from built-in services for customer relationship management, human resources, sales, e-commerce, and payment processing.

8. Odoo

Odoo is highly customizable ERP software that provides manufacturing companies with an all-in-one suite. Odoo includes modules for real-time communication and shop-floor automation. Odoo also gives users access to out-of-the-box community apps to customize functions to address unique needs. 

9. Epicor

Over the last forty years, Epicor fine-tuned its ERP software to best serve small to medium enterprises in manufacturing, retail, and distribution. In addition to the traditional ERP modules, Epicor offers an easy-to-use supply management unit with complete governance, risk, and compliance features.

10. Kronos ERP 

Kronos ERP is an efficiency-focused digital manufacturing solution known for its great workforce management features. Kronos offers personalized plans, so every business can choose one that best aligns with their budget and needs. 

Selecting ERP Software

Small businesses often have unique requirements and limited resources to spend on software systems, making the selection of the right ERP system difficult. When choosing ERP software, small businesses should consider three main factors:

  • Functionality: At a minimum, a manufacturing ERP should include a project management dashboard, and inventory management, accounting, and customer relationship management modules.
  • Flexibility: An ERP solution should be flexible enough to be customized to fit your business requirements as well as the ever-changing industry space.
  • Pricing: ERPs should help small businesses minimize costs and not cost more than they can afford. As such, small manufacturing companies should look for a software system that comes at a reasonable price.
In Summary

The nature of the manufacturing industry makes ERP software essential for small businesses. Integrating an ERP solution makes it easier for small manufacturing businesses to reach the efficiency levels required in their industry. Implementing ERP software is a practical approach to improving productivity in your manufacturing business.

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