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Exploring SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign ERP Products

Russell DeLapp, Executive Vice President of Services & Support at Navigator Business Solutions, was featured on Nestell & Associates, The ERP Organization Change Journal Podcast by Dr. Jack G. Nestell.

The ERP Organization Change Journal Podcast  - Russell Delapp

In this episode, we will discuss a couple of SAP ERP products with an SAP implementation partner, Navigator Business Solutions. With Russell DeLapp, we discuss SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign. Additionally, our guest will share some ERP insights, experiences, and success factors.

Objective research suggests that there is one best ERP solution for each and every unique organization. But what does that really mean? Additionally, the organization needs to take the time and effort to find that “one best fit” without making assumptions. In fact, research suggests that ERP systems selection, implementation methodology, and partner selection are critical for a successful ERP organizational change project. So, we further explore a specific ERP product and partner and get their thoughts on ERP trends, ERP differentiators, and much more!

Listen here (Epsiode 71):

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