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Life Science Companies, are you ready to support changing customer needs?

Throughout our daily lives we see change being pushed by new and old concerns; costs, convenience, environment and mobility. The most predictable of these is that  we are all getting older.  The Healthcare Industry is working to adjust to this move and the changes in our service needs.

These changes and system pressures are being seen around the world.  Jonathan Burdette, Senior Director at SAP, points out in his recent blog post, Life Science Companies Adapt As Healthcare Goes Home, that the Life Science industry is working on ways to use technology to lower costs and improve patient care.

“This of course creates an opportunity for life science companies to innovate, differentiate, and create new revenue and business models for medical devices that enable remote patient care plan management and treatment.”

Jonathan continues his post with a series of questions around the current and future patient situation. How is the Medical Device industry positioning itself to enable better remote patient monitoring and care.

“There is currently a race in the Medical Device industry to create patient journeys that are seamless, and improve overall health and quality of care, while reducing costs.”

Jonathan, ends his post with this question: “who in the Medical Device industry will reach the future first, and who will be disrupted by those who do.”

If you are in the Life Science Industry, are you asking yourself these questions? Is my business preparing for this shift? Can I monitor changing supply and demand creating better forecasting? Am I ready for a future that will be different?

Read the whole post at: Life Science Companies Adapt As Healthcare Goes Home

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