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Mid-Market ERP Solutions Comparison Guide

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) enables businesses to more easily make sense of their data and insights and take better control of their operations—all from a single platform. With all that power in one place, you must choose the best mid-market ERP system. 

SAP Business ByDesign is an affordable and effective ERP solution designed for fast-growing small to mid-market businesses. It’s one of the best ERP platforms out there, and you can use it for your business, whether you’re looking for warehousing ERP, healthcare ERP, or distribution ERP.

Things to Consider When Choosing an ERP Solution

To find the right mid-market ERP solution for your business, you must take a look at different options and find the one that best suits your company’s needs and budget. Before you go searching for things like SAP Business ByDesign versus Odoo, establish these three key factors to consider:

Company Requirements

Why do you need an ERP solution in the first place? Think about your company’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities—both currently and in the future—to get a clear idea of what you require out of ERP software. 


An ERP solution is not always cheap, and the generally high price average can push you into settling for the cheapest option. But remember that when it comes to this tech, you shouldn’t shop on price. Think about it as an investment, and find a price point that offers you what your company needs in terms of functionality, flexibility, and scalability.


ERP solutions don’t work on their own; they still need input from your team, and that requires putting them in training so that they know how to operate and maximize the system. Look for a platform that comes with training options and how-to manuals for easy adaptation and implementation.


How to Compare Mid-Market ERP Solutions

With your needs, budget, and implementation in mind, it’s time to compare the different available mid-market solutions. Here’s a guide on what you should consider when making a selection:


The deployment method of an ERP will impact costs, resources, and usage. For small to mid-market businesses, cloud-based solutions are often ideal, granted that you have a reliable Internet connection. Larger enterprises, on the other hand, may benefit from a traditionally installed on-premise system, especially if you have your own in-house IT team and the required server infrastructure.


ERP systems usually have basic modules, such as finance, human resources, and customer resource management (CRM), but they can also be expanded to include industry-specific modules. Consider what different ERP solutions can offer and find one that can provide you with a package that can handle everything you need it to.


Every business is unique. As such, you need an ERP solution that can be customized to match your business’s specific needs and requirements. Some systems provide more flexibility than others. SAP Business ByDesign, for example, has add-ons you can tack onto your basic system for added functionality; it even has turnkey offers already designed for specific industries.

You also want to consider if the ERP solution is scalable–can it grow with your company and meet any additional needs in the future?


Because an ERP system handles your whole operations, you’ll want to ensure that it’s extremely secure. Cloud-based ERP solutions are often safer as they typically employ the same level of security as banking institutions. On-premise ERP systems may need added security for physical devices.


Many ERP platforms fail due to poor planning and dismal support rather than a flaw in the system itself–this is why you must choose one that’s offered by a vendor with high customer satisfaction reviews. Find one that can give you efficient service.


SAP Business ByDesign: The Best ERP Solution for Mid-Market Businesses

SAP Business ByDesign offers powerful features that you can customize to your business—all at cost-effective prices. It’s a tried-and-tested ERP solution for mid-market enterprises, and it just might be what you need for your company. Contact Navigator Business Solutions today to find out if it’s the right fit for you!

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