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SAP Business ByDesign Supply Chain Management

SAP (System Applications and Products) is a German multinational software company specializing in enterprise resource planning software development. This software enables small, medium, and large companies to manage their daily business operations while enhancing customer relations. One of the company’s inventive creations is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software; a management system designed to help businesses control and integrate their operations in a single location, including finances, supply chain, commerce, manufacturing, human resource, and reporting.

Whether your business is in manufacturing or distribution, you’ll need an automated process when it comes to managing your supply chain. You also need to develop and strengthen relationships with your suppliers through a streamlined process. This is where the SAP business ByDesign supply chain management system comes in handy. This system is one of the latest SAP business solutions created to enhance daily business operations through automation and restructuring.

What Is SAP Business ByDesign?

SAP Business ByDesign system is a cloud-based, and on-demand business management solution designed for small- and medium-sized companies. It is a fully-featured cloud ERP program that will allow your customers to experience the benefits of large-scale business applications even without an IT infrastructure. This system collects and monitors the exceptions occurring in the cloud service.

The SAP Business ByDesign supply chain management system (SCM) is an ERP for the manufacturing industry, designed to deliver robust supply chain management functions to small and medium businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industries. With this system, you’ll have the ability to strategize, manage, and regulate all processes related to production, making collaborating with your suppliers and consumers more effective.

This SCM system creates a centralized database that helps streamline your supply chain plans and execute them through improved interactions. You’ll also have a more united environment in your warehouse, owing to real-time analytics, and providing transparency in all SCM functionalities. There are many other advantages of using SAP systems in your business. For instance, the SCM in SAP Business ByDesign offers quality assurance functionality with end-to-end capabilities, allowing you to track your quality assurance from the initial product design, through the production phase, and finally to its storage at the warehouse. 

SAP Business ByDesign creates a reliable document integration of all your supply chain processes, including quality assurance, provisions, graphical instructions, and inspection results to improve collaboration across your company. With this system, you’ll be able to accelerate your product development, while being assured that your product design meets customer expectations.

Additionally, the SCM in SAP business ByDesign helps improve your planning and control processes, allowing you to control the flow in the manufacturing process through an exception-driven method. Since a centralized database can be accessed by using mobile devices, your manufacturing and warehousing procedures will be more efficient. SAP Business ByDesign also provides benefits such as process optimization and cost reduction. This is directly attributed to the system’s ability to integrate real-time views of business operations. By forecasting the demand for your products, you’ll reduce inventory costs and increase profitability.     

How Does The SAP Business ByDesign SCM Improve Sourcing And Purchase?

The SAP Business ByDesign supply chain management software comes with several useful features that improve sourcing and procurement procedures. Here are some examples of how this system will enhance these processes.

Sourcing Processes

  • Building and maintaining a centralized database for enhanced contract negotiations with suppliers
  • Finding the best suppliers and managing the whole contract life-cycle
  • Tracking and monitoring supplier performance
  • Combining several purchase requests to find pricing advantages through quantity discounts

Purchasing Processes

  • Streamlining procuring activities using automated purchase orders and invoice verification processes
  • Monitoring your company’s expenditure with reliable analytics
  • Offering effective invoice processing and payment for suppliers
  • Reducing the work of employees through self-service procurement processes

SAP Business ByDesign Integration Scenario

However, this monitoring process can’t be complete without integrating on-premise backend systems and cloud services.

This integration comprises diverse point-to-point interfaces of various types. The two main integration scenarios include:

  • Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Business ByDesign mediated via  SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration
  • Integrating ABAP backend with the SAP Business ByDesign mediated via SAP Process Integration

Other on-premise channels like IDocs can be relevant, depending on the type of documents sent to and from the SAP system. 

The SAP Business ByDesign system is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription, with its pricing dependent upon which base package you choose, along with the number and types of users. If you’re looking for software that can help you streamline your company's supply chain management, then the SAP Business ByDesign system could be the perfect choice for you.

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