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How SAP Business ByDesign Makes Life Easier for Employees Part 1 of 2

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Although growing a small or midsize business is the ultimate goal for most companies, growth can also come with its own personal share of headaches. Many companies choose to use a variety of separate solutions that they have pieced together over the years to manage their operations. However, as an enterprise grows, it is essential to find integrated solutions that are in touch with the digital world.

Not only is this cost-effective on the surface, but it helps employees become more efficient with their tasks, making for a more streamlined operation and happier personnel. Enterprise resource planning software, such as SAP Business ByDesign, is one such solution that enables you to integrate a multitude of business solutions. Here’s some different ways that SAP can make life easier for you and your employees...

Streamline financial processes

Every aspect of your business needs to be tied to financial accountability, in order to ensure that your enterprise is cost-effective and not mitigating your bottom line. For this reason, it is crucial to optimize the financial practices of your business to streamline how your employees are able to accomplish financial accounting tasks, or cash flow tracking. SAP Business ByDesign enables both mobile and desktop ERP capabilities through the cloud. This gives your employees a step up and can simplify certain aspects of their jobs, and makes it easier to track revenue throughout the company.

Customer-focused marketing tools

ERP software enables companies with the visibility to handle customer complaints and develop relationships that foster repeat business. SAP Business ByDesign gives your company insights into its marketing operation that gives your employees the chance to collaborate to make customers happy. On top of that, integrated software solutions increase customer satisfaction by giving your employees the tools they need to fluidly conduct distribution and service in a timely manner, improving your customers’ relationship with your company.

Accessible HR tools

As any able business owner knows, internal employee problems can quickly cause a company’s efficiency to slip. Centralizing your business operations and integrating each department into a powerful software solution gives executives the visibility that they need to manage different aspects of the business in a convenient and proficient manner. SAP also enables your employees to interact with the business in ways that can solve internal problems and make you aware of them. Particularly, bringing your HR department to the cloud helps address employee’s concerns and any other personnel issues.

Continued in Part 2.

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