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Transitioning from SAP Business ByDesign to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition

SAP Business ByDesign is a mature and stable ERP solution. When organizations are ready and have finally outgrown SAP Business ByDesign, there is a clear and curated migration path to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition

In this new episode of the podcast Inside SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Yannick Peterschmitt discusses customers' transitions from SAP Business ByDesign to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition with three guests: Russell Delapp from Navigator Business Solution, both a customer and partner from the US, Dirk De Vos from Felina, a German manufacturer and distributor of premium lingerie, and Raphael Finck from SAP Partner Snap. They explore the motivations behind transitioning to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, the decision-making process, and the migration strategy. The guests also highlight the benefits of the new ERP, including improved business processes and access to innovative features.


"We have been running ByDesign for over 10 years, so it was a time for an optimization... we ended up moving over to S/4 for a variety of reasons" - Russell DeLapp 


Watch or listen to the full episode here: Youtube | openSAP


  • Yannick Peterschmitt, Head of Enablement, Product Management at SAP
  • Russell Delapp, Executive Vice President of Services & Support at Navigator Business Solutions
  • Dirk De Vos, Executive Commercial Director at European Lingerie Group (ELG)
  • Raphael Finck, CEO at SNAP International

About 'Inside SAP S/4HANA Cloud' Podcast:

The official SAP S/4HANA Cloud podcast series.

There is no customer success without project success and product success! Leverage the unique knowledge and expertise of SAP S/4HANA Cloud experts, partners, and customers, sharing their SAP S/4HANA Cloud product insights, implementation project best practices, and lessons learned – anywhere, anytime. In this podcast, we give you all the ingredients to get to the next level and make your SAP S/4HANA Cloud project a success. 

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