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Where the Heck is My Inventory (Part 4 of 4)

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Fixed Price, Fixed-Scope Solution

If you’re choosing an ERP system, it’s probably because you’re looking to save as much of your profits as you can. Along with reducing waste in your supply chain, you can set the parameters of this element of your logistics management before you sign the contract.

Navigator’s fixed-price, fixed-scope contracts include scalability options as you grow, meaning you won’t sign a contract for a certain amount of work only to be billed for unplanned overtime later. An essential step will be planning for the needs of the scope and tools you will need throughout the lifetime of your brand.

We focus on creating and streamlining processes from the beginning, so those can scale and be cloned for other products in your line. Just as your products and rollouts will develop as the market and customer demands change, your ERP system should be agile, scalable and well-executed. As you grow, the foundational principle of operational excellence carries through, and you can trust Navigator’s systems to form the base of sustainable, predictable growth -- as well as predictable expenses on the back end.

Instead of a surprise bill, you will know what services you can expect and exactly what you will pay for. No surprises, just accurate information guiding effective planning.

Meeting a Manic Market Head-On

The lines continue to blur between simple online spectatorship and commerce sites. Sites that used to be exclusively social and largely passive, places like Pinterest, Instagram, and magazine websites, are now opening their own channels to ecommerce. Navigator works to help our clients funnel more customers toward their products, and also to help them manage every step of the process from manufacturing to delivery.

As mammoth legacy industries crumble in the age of ecommerce, the sale of products has snuck into the vacuum created by these platforms needing revenue. Magazine websites are not alone in their merger with ecommerce platforms to offer exclusive sales and deals to their readers. As the editorial/ commerce lines blur across news channels, social media, and blogs, your ERP system managers should be able to anticipate changes.

By choosing Navigator, you’re leveraging years of experience navigating the daily evolution of the ecommerce market from the very beginning. A long view of the market and a proven history, affords Navigator the ability to build reliable systems and processes not just efficiently deliver products to customers, but to predict where your sales will go in the future.


When trends and consumer desires are subject to the whims of social media in a lightning-fast market of change in the world of consumer packaged goods, the ability to respond in real time to these changing market needs is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Especially in the world of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), using smart, real-time data to maximize the spread of your merchandise can save a lot of money by allowing you send product exactly where it’s needed, when it’s needed. The less money wasted waiting for product to crawl off of shelves in lukewarm markets means you can redirect product those most excited about your brand, and that’s the difference between a company that “does OK” and one that truly disrupts the market.

Multichannel sales across a variety of platforms means your supply chain is only going to become more complex as your brand develops and establishes its audience. You will need to establish warehousing and logistics plans and implement them with precision. And as you grow, you need to be able to see real-time stats on where your product is going, and where your supply chain needs help adapting to inventory changes.

Employing the flexibility and agility real-time inventory analytics provides means you can be a small brand and still have the opportunities afforded to much larger brands with more robust supply chains. You can keep your logistics costs low by knowing exactly where to target inefficiencies, and keep your personnel costs low by only putting people where they are needed.

You have a business to run, and you don’t need to be bogged down with the process of guessing where your inventory is. Up-to-the moment analytics free you from the constraints of running reports by giving you a full suite of analytic tools. You can have more time to run your business, and you can see exactly where your inventory is going in real time.

Brand development, logistics and inventory can become your greatest asset or your greatest hindrance. Instead of guessing or working from stale reports, you have an opportunity to let Navigator put the solutions in the palm of your hands, anytime you need them.

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