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Wholesale Distribution Management Software: ERP Solutions to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions shouldn’t be overlooked. The right distribution ERP software, like the one from Navigator Business Solutions (NBS), can help you optimize your supply chain by leveraging technology to improve the quality, efficiency, and performance of your operations. 

Some of the benefits of an inventory management system include boosted productivity, improved customer experience, reduced costs, and better business decisions.


Why You Need to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Optimizing your supply chain brings plenty of positive effects to a business. An optimized supply chain will allow you to be more ready to address the demands of consumers and the market, staying ahead of the competition. 

Here are some of the reasons why supply chain optimization is a must for distribution companies:

Better Quality Control

An optimized supply chain allows you to manage the quality of your goods, processes, and systems from end to end. This ensures that you satisfy the demands and expectations of all stakeholders, from suppliers to customers; it also reduces waste and helps you better reach your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Higher Efficiency

When your supply chain is optimized, you get a more accurate understanding of your company’s status. Getting access to real-time insights will help you be more resilient and flexible. Plus, your workflows become more transparent, enabling teams to work more efficiently.

Reduced Costs

An optimized supply chain can help you get rid of unnecessary expenses, such as unused or extra space, wasted talent, and excess transportation. You can significantly lower your overhead costs while increasing revenue and profitability. 

Enhanced Planning

With supply chain optimization software, you can obtain reports and analytics on the state of your company. With these insights, you can better plan different elements of your supply chain and related processes.

Improved Collaboration

When all your stakeholders can receive real-time information about your supply chain, you improve collaboration and decision-making across partners and departments.


What Wholesale Distribution Management Software Can Do for Your Business

Wholesale distribution management software can differ, but the best ones have the following capabilities that can improve the overall performance of your business.

Inventory Control and Management

Wholesale distribution management software is primarily designed for inventory control and management. Related features help you track the goods that move in and out of your supply chain, allowing you to better respond to supply and demand.

Business Intelligence

A good wholesale distribution management software will provide you with reports and analytics on your operations. These can help you derive valuable insights that you can use to push your company forward in a sustainable way.


An ERP system will often come with accounting solutions that can help you keep an eye on where your money is flowing to and fro. This allows you to calculate profit trends and get a handle on your expenses, reducing costs wherever possible and when needed.

Multi-Channel Integration

There are many moving parts in a distribution company, and all of these must work together seamlessly to ensure smooth operations. A wholesome distribution management software can facilitate this collaboration by integrating different channels and ensuring that information flows freely and transparently between relevant departments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ERP solutions can come with CRM features that could help you get a better handle on the customer experience. You can provide customer service, optimize marketing efforts, and maintain loyalty.


Choosing the Right Distribution Management Software

When choosing a distribution management software to employ as an ERP solution for your business, consider the following factors:


Whether on-premise or cloud-based, choose a setup that makes the most sense for your company.


Work with a system that fits your budget. There are many cost-effective options out there, including customizable systems where you only pay for services availed.


You want software that’s flexible to grow with your business as it scales. Find one that can handle a growing list of responsibilities and requirements.


Opt for software that can seamlessly integrate with other systems and programs that you already use in your day-to-day.


Consider what other business owners are saying about the software, taking care to pick the one that’s proven to augment a company’s performance.


Navigator Business Solutions’ Wholesale Distribution Management Software

NBS offers wholesale distribution management software that’s sure to benefit your distribution company. Find out how you can use our ERP solutions to optimize your supply chain today!

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