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Why SAP Is Better Than Oracle

There are plenty of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to choose from, leaving you in a pickle deciding between the likes of SAP Business ByDesign versus Odoo. But as you narrow down your choices, you’ll likely end up with two of the top picks: SAP and Oracle. 

Among these two, Business ByDesign in SAP is the better option for fast-growing small to mid-market businesses because of its streamlined interface, scalable customizable features, and cost-effective pricing. 

SAP Versus Oracle: Which Is Better?

Both SAP and Oracle are ERP solutions that can help businesses optimize their operations and manage their data. Both come with a suite of features, including artificial intelligence (AI) enabled functionalities, that allow companies to take better control over their departments and have a clearer view of their financial health.

SAP, particularly SAP Business ByDesign, is designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that could benefit from turnkey solutions, while Oracle is great for companies looking for a build-as-you-grow type of ERP software. Choosing between the two will ultimately depend on your budget and requirements, but the former is often the preferred platform, as evidenced by the likes of Apple, Amazon, and Toyota.


Comparing SAP ERP and Oracle ERP

To help you understand why SAP is better than Oracle, let’s take a look at the key factors to consider when choosing an ERP system—and why SAP has the edge in each one.



Both SAP and Oracle ERPs come with suites of features that can cover all the key aspects of a business. That said, SAP provides more well-rounded functionalities; it particularly wins in its Human Resources (HR) capabilities. 

SAP, through Navigator Business Solutions, also offers turnkey solutions for certain industries, making it easy to implement and integrate to fit specific business needs, as well as modules you can add on for later. For example, if you’re wondering what SAP Business Planning and Consolidation is, it’s a module that’s designed to more easily derive forecasts, budgets, and planning collaterals for business.


Artificial Intelligence

SAP and Oracle offer AI functionality to increase efficiency in business processes. SAP uses AI for several tasks, particularly in relation to data entry, to get rid of time-consuming responsibilities. It also applies it in its chatbot.  



SAP’s all-in-one solution often comes as a pre-packaged suite, making it more convenient for businesses that would like to employ its full functionalities in one go. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not customizable. You can start with a few modules, then add on extras as you need them down the road.

Oracle is also very extendible with its add-on modules. It even gives more tech-savvy users the option to code their own solutions into their systems. That said, these customizations often come with a high price tag.



Both SAP and Oracle come with heavy security that allows businesses to rest assured that their operations will stay on track and their data remain protected. SAP applies a level of security that rivals that of banking institutions and uses advanced technology that continuously updates the platform through the cloud—all supervised by a team of security experts.



Oracle doesn’t display pricing information publicly, but their quotes are often set to match your market segment, currency, etc. However, generally, Oracle ERP is more expensive than alternatives. SAP ERP, on the other hand, is more cost-effective, plus, you can choose your pricing model: per module, per user, or via license.


SAP ERP: The Best ERP for Mid-Market Businesses

SAP ERP, specifically SAP Business ByDesign, is better than Oracle because of its all-in-one platform with powerful functionalities, scalable customizability, top-notch level of security, and cost-effective pricing. It’s the ideal choice for fast-growing small to mid-market businesses, especially those that want to have better control over their operations and business decisions. Contact Navigator Business Solutions today to learn how SAP Business ByDesign can help your company achieve its goals.

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