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Why Do I Need ERP?


How often have you made a big decision without thinking it through? For example, think about the first time you bought a home. If you haven’t bought a house, you have probably bought a car and, to cover my bases, if you haven’t purchased a car, then you've probably at least bought a tv. Obviously, there are some big differences between each of these purchases, but there is something they all have in common – research. Most people want to make an informed decision. The only way to become informed is to research. What areas have the best schools?  How much are homes in that area really worth? What kind of resale value can I expect?  What will the maintenance be like? How long will it last? And so on. This research takes time and unfortunately, we all have to move at such a pace that finding this extra time to research can be a daunting task in itself.

Now let's take that example and apply it to business. Any business will require a number of decisions to be made on a daily basis. These can be extremely small such as ‘what brand of paper do we need for the copy machine’. However, many of these daily decisions will have a long-lasting impact on an organization.

Maybe you are considering entering into a new market. Maybe you want to expand production or are thinking about switching suppliers. Maybe you are even contemplating a strategic acquisition. These are important decisions and from my experience, they are decisions that are made on a regular basis and can have some fantastic benefits or some harsh consequences. In order to come to the best conclusion possible, it is absolutely crucial to research. Research, research, and then research some more. But as I mentioned, there is an issue with this – time.

ERP Software Can Help In Business Purchasing Decision Making

That is where ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) comes into play. The right ERP can make reaching these decisions much faster and hopefully a less stressful process. By incorporating every aspect of the business in one solution, SAP Business ByDesign provides its users with the ability to quickly or even automatically assemble information from several different business areas into actionable data. This data can be in the form of standard reports or easy-to-read graphs and charts right on your homepage, all containing real-time data.  Business ByDesign empowers employees by providing them access to information as well as the tools to create their own custom reports, quickly and easily. Making decisions for your business is already your job. Why add the role of Researcher to your title?

Navigator Business Solutions has helped more than 500 companies make the change to a World-class SAP ERP solution. Applying our unique knowledge and best practices helps make the inevitable change smoother and more effective.

Andy Harris | Value Engineer

As a Navigator Value Engineer, Andy helps Navigator customers and prospects select the best SAP solution for their business by acting as a single source of in-depth industry, and product knowledge.

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