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Cloud ERP

Why CFOs Should Be Leading ERP Adoption

The decisions made by a company’s chief financial officer are “the foundations of the pyramid that determine whether the organization succeeds or fails,” according to the Boston...


Why CFOs are Driving ERP upgrades

Your CEO might lead, but let’s be honest: In many cases, you as CFO drive the company.


Hey, Finance Team, we have a few questions for you.

Hey, Finance Team, we have a few questions for you.


Why Do I Need ERP?

Insight How often have you made a big decision without thinking it through? For example, think about the first time you bought a home. If you haven’t bought a house, you have...

ERP with financials

Enabling Financial Management for the Future

Faster and More-Effective Decision Making Simplify your business operations with integrated financials. Whether you are identifying new business opportunities, reacting to market...