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The New Era of Distribution Requires an Intelligent Digital Core

The transformation of the supply chain is impacting global businesses in every sector, and it is dramatically changing the way distributors do business. Digitization is steadily...


How SME Distribution is Evolving

An Interview with Ralph Hess, vice president of global sales for Navigator Business Solutions


Why Doesn’t Your Small Business Have ERP?

Some companies have easy invoicing, proactive planning, smooth HR practices and fluid operations that handle changes in the business landscape well. Others don’t.

SAP for Small Business

Spoiler Alert: You May Be an SMB (and Why that Matters)

Quick question: What’s an SMB (Small and Medium Business)?


How Businesses Can Reduce Resource Scarcity During ERP Implementation

The cloud has made ERP accessible for businesses of all sizes. But larger firms still have an advantage when it comes to ERP: more resources for implementation.


Why Cloud ERP Favors Businesses  below Large Enterprise

There are many advantages of running a small to medium-sized business (SMB).

SAP ByDesign

[Interview] How SMBs are Engaging with ERP Today

We talk with Ralph Hess, ERP veteran and vice president of sales for Navigator Business Solutions.


Cloud ERP Taking Off for SMBs

Small and mid-sized businesses have been wanting cloud ERP long before most consultants and ERP vendors were willing to offer it.