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What Is a Distribution Management System?

A distribution management system (DMS) is a collection of applications designed to manage the process of moving goods from the manufacturer to the end user. This process involves...


Top Distribution Management Software Options

When you invest in a wholesale distribution business, you should consider how you plan to manage and streamline operations. Fortunately, you can now find reliable wholesale ...


Accounting Software for Distribution that Keeps Your Books Organized

Distribution companies face challenges brought by large amounts of transactions, vendors, and customers, and the effects these have on their operations and their integrations with...

Advantages of ERP

The Advantages of a Multichannel Distribution System

The big lesson from COVID-19 for business arguably is the importance of digital channels and diverse revenue sources. Thanks to lockdown measures and social distancing, businesses...


Data Is the Key to Relevance and Longevity for Today’s Distributors

Small to mid-size distribution companies are at a crossroads. Most have traditionally been in the business of fulfilling substantial orders for large companies and big-box...


Distributors Need To Move Beyond QuickBooks to Better Serve Multiple Online Marketplaces

QuickBooks has been the accounting software of choice for distributors and other small businesses for several decades. Marketed as a full-service offering, Intuit’s QuickBooks can...


How to Stay Nimble in a Rapidly Changing Distribution Landscape

Online marketplaces have dramatically reshaped the landscape for distributors of all sizes. The distribution industry is in the middle of a big shift, and modernization has become...


What the Shift from B2C to DTC Means for Small Distributors

As the retail landscape becomes increasingly digitized, many manufacturers have found ways to sell directly to their consumers, negating the need for distributors. As a result,...


The New Era of Distribution Requires an Intelligent Digital Core

The transformation of the supply chain is impacting global businesses in every sector, and it is dramatically changing the way distributors do business. Digitization is steadily...


How SME Distribution is Evolving

An Interview with Ralph Hess, vice president of global sales for Navigator Business Solutions


Distributors Need More Than QuickBooks

Distributors that hope to remain competitive in the drastically changing supply chain landscape are currently transforming and digitizing their business models. One of the biggest...


Distributors Adding Direct to Consumer (DTC) Channels Need Automation

A growing number of distributors are expanding their reach beyond the business-to-business (B2B) approach with the addition of direct to consumer (DTC) channels. Selling directly...


COVID-19 Has Accelerated the Distributor Race to Digital Transformation

Most global distributors are on the path toward digital transformation. The ability to automate systems and processes, integrate all areas of business and provide workers with...


5 Benefits of Multichannel Distribution

The world of distribution is changing at a rapid pace. The mechanics between the point of sale and fulfillment to the customer are increasingly blurry. What is clear is that a...


3 Reasons Why an ERP is the Smart Choice for Distributors

The benefits for distributors when moving to a cloud based business management (ERP) platform are many; from managing their financial and accounting operations in one place, to...


Why Wholesale Distributors Need ERP

Times are changing for the wholesale distribution industry. Online marketplaces, the digitization of the buyer journey, real-time data and even artificial intelligence are putting...


Top 5 Mistakes Wholesale Distributors Make

As a wholesale distributor, you’re in a position of great responsibility. Delays or disruptions with your business translate into disruptions for your customers, which has a...


Why Consumer Products Distributors Need Omni-Channel Support

Smartphones and Millennial sensibilities have created an interesting consumer dynamic: Businesses now are expected to act like friends. This is an important dynamic for consumer...

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is Ready for Digital Transformation

For years, supply chain management has been high stakes, but not always high-tech.

Press Release

Navigator Business Solutions Releases Turnkey SAP® Cloud ERP Solutions for Manufacturers and Distributors in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, June 14, 2018 — Navigator Business Solutions, an SAP® Gold Partner, has released a pair of turnkey ERP solutions designed specifically for manufacturers and...


How Real-Time Forecasting Helps You Stay Ahead of Demand

In an increasingly competitive market, demand-driven supply network optimization can imbue your consumer packaged goods (CPG) company with the predictive power to succeed.


How does a Warehouse Management System help Companies increase their profitability

How does a Warehouse Management System (WMS) help companies increase their profitability? If you think about it, the warehouse is the nerve center of a wholesale distribution


Where The Heck Is My Inventory? (Part 1 of 4)

Inventory Management Executive Summary In a world shaped by a seemingly unlimited purchasing power and options wrought by the internet age, there is no greater challenge than...