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Life Sciences

How Serialization Is Used in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Serialization in pharmaceutical packaging is the process of assigning and labeling a unique serial number for each product to be sold. This contains information about the...


CDMOs, CMOs and CROs: What's the Difference?

The pharmaceutical industry has undergone significant evolution within the past 15 years. Recently, biopharmaceutical companies have become increasingly reliant on outsourced...

Life Sciences

The Role of ERP in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has been transformed in recent years by pressure from intensely competitive markets and the need to comply with new regulations that mandate the...


Why SAP ERP Makes Sense for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Legacy software systems no longer make sense for life sciences businesses, especially growing organizations in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.The problem is that...

Life Sciences

Why Is Traceability Important In The Pharmaceutical Industry?

Consumer health and safety is the fundamental responsibility of a pharmaceutical company. A major threat to the industry’s credibility is the rampant circulation of counterfeit...

Life Sciences

What is SOX Compliance in Pharma?

Automation of key business processes in the life science industry has profound benefits. SAP ERP is one such tool that allows companies in the life science industry to do just...

Life Sciences

How to Improve Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Quality plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. Delays in delivery are often caused by products not meeting the mandated quality standards. Failure to meet quality...

Life Sciences

GMP Guidelines in Pharma Industry Set By The FDA

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries due to the implications product quality has on public health. Automation and optimization of key...

Life Sciences

What is an ERP System in the Pharmaceutical industry?

The flow of processes and operations in a pharmaceutical company is extremely complex and labor-intensive, owing to stringent production regulations and competitive market...


Operational Challenges In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Without the robust pharmaceutical sector, many people throughout the world would have been wiped out long ago by even mild illnesses. Unfortunately, this industry is constantly...

cloud computing

Cloud Computing in Pharma

Cloud computing is one of the latest technologies to show the potential to transform industries. One industry that is slowly adopting cloud computing technology is the...

digital transformation

Why Integrated Digital Systems Are Vital for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Need an example of why legacy systems just don’t cut it anymore? Look to the pandemic.

Contract Manufacturing

How ERP Can Help Life Sciences Contract Manufacturers

Contract manufacturers in the life sciences space face a host of challenges, including regulatory demands, thin margins, changing requirements based on client needs and an...