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digital transformation

CDMO Races Along on a Digital Transformation Journey

As COVID-19 has infected and killed millions across the globe, it has spurred researchers to accelerate the delivery of therapeutics and vaccines. But the reality is that the...

Life Sciences

Digital Transformation In Life Sciences

Digital transformation is a phrase we hear a lot, and it's much more than a catchy buzzword.


How to Stay Nimble in a Rapidly Changing Distribution Landscape

Online marketplaces have dramatically reshaped the landscape for distributors of all sizes. The distribution industry is in the middle of a big shift, and modernization has become...

digital transformation

Why Integrated Digital Systems Are Vital for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Need an example of why legacy systems just don’t cut it anymore? Look to the pandemic.

ERP cloud

Why ERP Implementation is Really a Business Transformation Project

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions empower businesses of all sizes with the means to connect operations company-wide.

Life Sciences

Why Life Science Firms are Embracing Digital Transformation During the COVID-19 Crisis

The life sciences industry has historically lagged behind other sectors when it comes to digital transformation. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made digitization a business and...

SAP Business ByDesign

Digital Transformation:  The New Norm

Today every part of the business is subject to new expectations, competitors, channels, threats and opportunities. Every business has the potential to be a digital business. As...

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is Ready for Digital Transformation

For years, supply chain management has been high stakes, but not always high-tech.

digital transformation

Is The Digital World Disrupting Your Distribution Business

HOW THE RIGHT CLOUD BASED ERP CAN GUIDE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Preface Small and mid-size suppliers to retailers and consumers have an advantage when it comes to competing with...