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Cloud ERP

Four Reasons to Use the Cloud for ERP Modernization

The question that businesses are facing is not whether to upgrade their ERP systems, but how.

Cloud ERP

How Cloud ERP Helps Manufacturers Compete

Business, like football, is often a game of one-upping the competition by staying ahead of the curve. The new area where manufacturers are competing is on the backend with...


Why Consumer Products Distributors Need Omni-Channel Support

Smartphones and Millennial sensibilities have created an interesting consumer dynamic: Businesses now are expected to act like friends. This is an important dynamic for consumer...


5 Keys for Improving Manufacturing Cost Estimates

Manufacturers are optimistic, at least according to the latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey conducted by National Association of Manufacturers; optimism is at an all time high of...

Supply Chain Management

Juggle Supplier and Retail Relationships Efficiently with Cloud ERP

Manufacturing products is the easy step for consumer products manufacturers. The far greater challenge businesses face is efficiently connecting a company’s manufacturing...

SAP for Small Business

5 Signs You Need a Real ERP System

Small businesses, especially startups, often run their operations with a hodgepodge of software systems. There’s the accounting system, the HR software, the inventory database,...

ERP Software

Five ERP Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of misconceptions about enterprise resource planning software (ERP).

ERP Only Works If Employees Use It

Migrating from spreadsheets and manual processes to a full-fledged ERP system is a game-changer for most businesses. But for some firms, they first must get past a substantial...

ERP Evaluation

Why a Long ERP Selection Process is a Good Sign

Choosing business software has gotten much easier thanks to the cloud. But ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) selection shouldn’t be among those packages you decide upon quickly.

ERP manufacturing

Why Manufacturers Need Cloud ERP

The value of ERP systems is widely understood in the manufacturing community. The importance of a digital system of record for tracking all aspects of production and distribution...


Why Do I Need ERP?

Insight How often have you made a big decision without thinking it through? For example, think about the first time you bought a home. If you haven’t bought a house, you have...