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ERP Software

Software Evaluation: Time to Reframe How You Evaluate

Indirectly, ChatGPT helps us answer the question: What’s the best software solution?ChatGPT doesn’t give us the answer directly, but its inadequacy with such questions hints at...

ERP Software

ERP Evaluation: Are You Looking at Price or Value?

If you’ve ever bought land and had a home built from scratch, you know it’s not a simple handoff project. Choices have to be made from the outset that will dictate how you’re...

Advantages of ERP

What are the primary business benefits of ERP?

When a young company starts growing and begins looking for new ways to increase profits, financial and process optimization matter. Once you have a fundamental understanding of...

ERP Evaluation

Dear Management, We Really Need to Have That ERP Talk

We’re only human. As your employees, we strive to get our jobs done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We endeavor to be productive and innovative while also saving money for...

ERP Evaluation

What You Need Before Evaluating Cloud ERP Providers

ERP systems are complex and marry deeply with your business processes, even cloud-based ERP solutions built as turnkey solutions.

ERP Evaluation

Why a Long ERP Selection Process is a Good Sign

Choosing business software has gotten much easier thanks to the cloud. But ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) selection shouldn’t be among those packages you decide upon quickly.

ERP Software

Evaluating Your Business is Key When Selecting an ERP System

The horror stories are enough to make any business think about sticking with their existing legacy ERP system instead of upgrading to something new.