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Life Sciences

How Life Sciences Businesses Should Prepare Financials for Scaling and Outside Funding

Developing a life sciences product and going to market is not easy. There’s the research and development, of course, but there’s also the business-building side.


Distributors Need To Move Beyond QuickBooks to Better Serve Multiple Online Marketplaces

QuickBooks has been the accounting software of choice for distributors and other small businesses for several decades. Marketed as a full-service offering, Intuit’s QuickBooks can...


Distributors Need More Than QuickBooks

Distributors that hope to remain competitive in the drastically changing supply chain landscape are currently transforming and digitizing their business models. One of the biggest...

Small Business

What Are the Business Differences: Quickbooks VS ERP

All of the right parts might be in place when a company launches: a great product, an experienced team, a strong marketing campaign. But poor financial planning can lead to...

SAP Business One

QuickBooks vs. SAP Business One ERP

For small to medium-sized businesses, there’s often the question of whether QuickBooks is enough or a firm needs a more robust enterprise resource planning solution (ERP).

Cloud ERP

When QuickBooks is Not Enough

Along with the success of a growing business comes the added responsibility of staying competitive and up-to-date with the latest advancements in business technology. Programs...


Top 5 Mistakes when Moving from QuickBooks to ERP and How to Avoid Them

Congratulations. You’ve either decided to move from QuickBooks to an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP), or you’re considering it.