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4 Commonly Overlooked Aspects of ERP Implementation

Despite the wealth of knowledge available on ERP system implementation, approximately 50 percent of ERP implementations fail on the first try, while 30 percent take longer than...

ERP Selection

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting Enterprise Software

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is no longer just for big business. That’s why nearly half of all companies around the globe are either planning or already launched an...


The Tangible and Intangible Benefits of a New ERP System

The decision to purchase new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) once was a tough one. On the one hand, a new ERP solution brings dozens of tangible and intangible benefits...


Three Questions to Answer for ERP Project Success

Having a central system that stores and tracks all aspects of a company’s operations has always been useful. Big companies have long relied on ERP systems for this reason.


Why CFOs are Driving ERP upgrades

Your CEO might lead, but let’s be honest: In many cases, you as CFO drive the company.


Why Now is the Time to Upgrade Your ERP System

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Cloud ERP

What Your CEO Needs to Know About Moving to Cloud ERP

Moving to cloud-based ERP system sounds like a project for the CIO. But it is not. It actually is a company-wide project that requires buy-in and involvement from the CEO.


ERP Upgrades Driven by Data Needs and the Cloud

Businesses depend on having the right information at the right time, ensuring that production meets demand, inventory levels are neither too high or too low, and customer...

SAP Automation

Save Time and Money with ERP Accounts Payable Automation

Many businesses want a more efficient process for vendor invoice approval, and with good reason.


Bring Complete Visibility to the Finance Team

Finance departments are finding themselves under an increasing amount of pressure both from regulators and from within the business itself. Firms must be nimble, profitable and...

ERP Evaluation

What You Need Before Evaluating Cloud ERP Providers

ERP systems are complex and marry deeply with your business processes, even cloud-based ERP solutions built as turnkey solutions.

Life Sciences

Cut the Cost of FDA Validation with a Prepackaged ERP Solution

There are many advantages from going with a prepackaged ERP solution instead of reinventing the wheel with a custom installation: Faster implementation. Best practices for a given...

SAP Business ByDesign

Digital Transformation:  The New Norm

Today every part of the business is subject to new expectations, competitors, channels, threats and opportunities. Every business has the potential to be a digital business. As...

SAP Business ByDesign

11 Great Features in SAP Business ByDesign

When you think of a Cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system - are you thinking complete business software suite?

SAP Business ByDesign

What's New in SAP Business ByDesign - June 2018

The Latest New Features in SAP Business ByDesign - June 2018

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is Ready for Digital Transformation

For years, supply chain management has been high stakes, but not always high-tech.

SAP Automation

Why Are Businesses Automating and What Is the Benefit?

4 Tricks for more effective automation through ERP  

ERP manufacturing

How Digital Transformation is Different This Time

Digital Is Only The First Part, Transformation Is The Hard Part   The transformation to digital started decades ago. That transformation was more digitization rather than going...

sap tips

Hosting the Perfect Software Demo Session

Over the past few weeks, it seems that I have been on the road more than I have been at home. I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to many different customers in many states...