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Cloud ERP

SAP Business One: On-premise vs. Cloud

SAP Business One is one of the premier enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Created by SAP, the world’s largest maker of ERP...


ByDesign vs. NetSuite: What's the Best ERP for SMEs?

Choosing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution is a big decision. Your ERP software is meant to be a cornerstone tool that helps you with all areas of your...

ERP Software

How Do I Validate Our ERP System?

ERP validation is a really simple idea: Does the system perform as specified?The question of validation is less about software functionality and largely about configuration. If a...

Life Sciences

Becoming IPO Ready as a Life Sciences Business

Now is a good moment for enterprising life sciences startups eying a future initial public offering.“Covid really brought some perspective on what the life sciences market can...

Life Sciences

CDMO Implements an ERP System That Supports Process Automation & Accelerates Growth - Contract Pharma

Originally Posted on ContractPharma on April 26th, 2022 | Read the full story here

Signs It's Time to Take a Second Look at Your ERP System

You implemented your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system because you wanted your business to operate more efficiently, with stronger and more automated controls—and, of...

ERP Software

ERP Evaluation: Are You Looking at Price or Value?

If you’ve ever bought land and had a home built from scratch, you know it’s not a simple handoff project. Choices have to be made from the outset that will dictate how you’re...

Cloud ERP

Why CFOs Should Be Leading ERP Adoption

The decisions made by a company’s chief financial officer are “the foundations of the pyramid that determine whether the organization succeeds or fails,” according to the Boston...

Life Sciences

Example of ERP in Life Sciences

Life science companies such as biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical companies face significant business challenges. These include optimizing processes and operations while meeting...

ERP Software

What Do Start-Ups Need to Look out for While Scaling Their Business?

Startups at the growth stage need financial tools, controls, and resource planning as their products evolve from idea to IPO. Challenges, risks and dynamic changes arise along the...

Selecting an ERP Solution

Key Considerations When Choosing an ERP System as a Startup

Efficiency, cost savings, and competitive advantages are likely the key reasons your startup needs an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. With so many features and...

SAP Business ByDesign

The Center for Breakthrough Medicines Implements GMP Validated System | Press Release

The Center for Breakthrough Medicines Implements GMP Validated System Delivered by Navigator Business Solutions

Life Sciences

Benefits and Pitfalls of ERP for Startups

Life sciences and biotech companies often make miracles happen, but the road from a spark of genius to a regulator-approved product isn’t easy. Getting to market involves...

Advantages of ERP

Optimize Your ERP Amid the Great Resignation

If you think The Great Resignation of 2021 is just media hype, think again.

business growth

Enhancing an Acquisition with Cloud ERP

For many companies looking at long-term growth, acquisitions are a part of the strategy. It’s a great way to create a bigger business while gaining entry to new markets and...

Cloud ERP

Why Biotech Is Taking Advantage of the Cloud

Digital transformation has been slow within the biotechnology industry. Strict regulations and compliance mandates have made technology upgrades a major undertaking. Nonetheless,...


Distributors Need To Move Beyond QuickBooks to Better Serve Multiple Online Marketplaces

QuickBooks has been the accounting software of choice for distributors and other small businesses for several decades. Marketed as a full-service offering, Intuit’s QuickBooks can...

ERP Software

How Do I Know We Need an ERP?

When a startup opens its door, it is fueled initially by lots of caffeine and high hopes. The only thing you typically can bank on in those early days is a belief in your...

SAP Business ByDesign

Five Signs It’s Time to Step Up to an ERP System

It isn’t easy running a life sciences business.


The New Era of Distribution Requires an Intelligent Digital Core

The transformation of the supply chain is impacting global businesses in every sector, and it is dramatically changing the way distributors do business. Digitization is steadily...

Wholesale Distribution

How Distributors Can Manage and Automate Transactions with Multiple Online Marketplaces

The global supply chain is at a crossroads, and many smaller distributors are walking a tightrope. They are tasked with managing and fulfilling large orders for their traditional...

Life Sciences

5 Key Features for Life Science Executives To Look For in An ERP System

The Life Sciences industry (Bio-Pharma, Medical Devices, Biotech, etc.) is unique in many ways beyond the products they bring to market, especially how organizations “evolve” as...

4 Trends in SME B2B Distribution

In a fast-changing, increasingly globalized and digitalized economy, small and mid-sized distributors can no longer rely solely on their traditional business relationships and...


Distributors Need More Than QuickBooks

Distributors that hope to remain competitive in the drastically changing supply chain landscape are currently transforming and digitizing their business models. One of the biggest...


Automation Means More than Taking Credit Cards through a Web Store

The global supply chain is transforming at a breakneck pace, and an increasing number of distributors are entering the direct to consumer (DTC) sphere. Meeting customer demands...

SAP Business ByDesign

How One Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Uses Technology to Innovate on the Business Side

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry moves at an accelerated pace. So businesses are increasingly turning to technologies such as enterprise resource planning (ERP)...

System Fit is Like Buying the Right House for Your Family

Founders often say that the business is their baby.

Cloud ERP

Supply Chain Disruption and ERP: Why Digital Connectivity Matters

Supply chains have always been a tricky business. But the complexities of today's global economy and the technology demands of the digital transformation trend coupled with a...


Where Did the Cash go? The Importance of Inventory Management

Until recently, it was possible to track your inventory and make reasonably appropriate decisions with simple tools such as spreadsheets. But with a significant shift to...


Think of Your Inventory as Piles of Cash, Not Boxes on Pallets

Your inventory is the lifeblood of your business. You might have the best business plan on the planet and the strongest sales team in your industry, but none of it matters...

ERP Upgrade

Is it Time for an ERP Upgrade?

There is usually not a clear moment when a business knows that it needs to upgrade its ERP system. Sometimes a legacy system can no longer keep up with the needs of the business....


5 Missed Opportunities from “Good Enough” Legacy ERP

Leaders in the C-suite typically understand that if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. And as a general rule of thumb, this philosophy serves business leaders in good stead.


Give Time Back to Your Teams to Grow Your Business

Time is one of the best gifts you can give to your teams. Too often, workers are bogged down with mundane, repetitive tasks that prevent them from focusing on the more...


How Automated Systems and a Centralized ERP Increase Operational Profitability

Improving operations is essential for businesses across industries and of all sizes. Finding ways to increase efficiency and ultimately gain better profitability is the goal for...

Advantages of ERP

Are You Needs-Blind?

There are many reasons why humans rule over the earth and haven’t yet extinguished the species: We’re highly adaptable. When there’s a problem, we fix it. Or we adapt.

Life Sciences

Why Life Science Firms Need ERP

The life sciences industry moves at a rapid pace, and speed, precision and efficiency are essential for its success. Medical device manufacturers and suppliers simply cannot...

ERP Software

Breaking Down Technology Silos with Cloud ERP

Technology silos are a major issue for business. Many SMEs have long operated using multiple legacy systems and software that serve very specific purposes for one department or...

Warehouse Management

Data Collection: The First Step in the Path to Warehouse Automation

So your business has finally decided to enter the world of warehouse automation.

SAP Business ByDesign

How growing and mid-size Life Science companies leverage SAP Cloud ERP - [Webinar]

Good day, everyone. And welcome to our latest life sciences webinar here at Navigator Business Solutions, "How growing and midsize life science companies leverage SAP cloud ERP."...


Six Ways Automation Improves Warehouse Management

Global supply chains are expanding and evolving at a breakneck pace. Omni-channel e-commerce and distribution coupled with consumer demands for faster and more efficient service...

ERP cloud

Why ERP Implementation is Really a Business Transformation Project

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions empowers businesses of all sizes with the means to connect operations company-wide.


When Does the Investment in an Integrated ERP Make Sense?

Is there ever a good time to invest in a new technology system that could potentially cost your business thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars? As the economy takes a...


Five Useful Steps for Selling ERP Migration to Your Employees

Businesses that have decided to take the plunge and migrate to an ERP system are already aware of the benefits from a productivity and efficiency standpoint. Selling the reality...

Cloud ERP

Busting the Myths of FDA Validation and Business Systems [Webinar]

Understanding the Right Process Validation for Life Science Manufacturers and Distributors.


The Business Heroes of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has destroyed the global economy and completely disrupted normal business processes and operations for many organizations.


3 Reasons Why an ERP is the Smart Choice for Distributors

The benefits for distributors when moving to a cloud based business management (ERP) platform are many; from managing their financial and accounting operations in one place, to...


Why Doesn’t Your Small Business Have ERP?

Some companies have easy invoicing, proactive planning, smooth HR practices and fluid operations that handle changes in the business landscape well. Others don’t.

business growth

How to Keep the Wheels from Falling Off Your Growing Business

The journey of a fast-growing business can be summed up in one sentence: Cross that bridge when you come to it.

Selecting an ERP Solution

The 7 Stages of Realizing You Need a New ERP System

Making the decision to integrate new technologies into your company’s existing infrastructure is not easy. There is an array of factors to consider depending on your industry type...


Your IT Systems Should be Saving You Time, Not Taking It

The original value proposition of computers and IT is efficiency. Let’s not forget that before smartphones and social media, IT was meant to give us time, not take it away.


How 2-Tier ERP Helps Subsidiaries Integrate Faster

Subsidiaries and newly acquired companies are an IT headache.

Order Fulfillment

5 Things to Understand About Your Order Fulfillment Process Before Evaluating ERP Software

Implementing a new ERP system is a big deal, as it can significantly transform your business operations with process optimization, cost savings, new revenue opportunities,...

ERP Selection

The Most Surprising Fact About ERP: It is Widely Used by Small Business

When most people think about enterprise resource planning software (ERP), they focus on that first word: “enterprise.” What might come as a shock is that ERP is also widely used...

ERP Selection

Are Your Ready for a New ERP System?  10 questions to ask.

Upgrading a business system is not a small task, and it can sometimes be hard to tell if a current system is sufficient or if an upgrade is worth the time and money. This is...

[Webinar] Are You Financing Your Inventory the Hard Way?

Common Pitfalls and 3 Paths to easier financing.  


4 Problems Created by Working with Multiple Software Systems

You’ve done the hard work of buying, building, integrating and customizing your various departmental software systems, so all of your operational woes should be remedied, right?

Cloud ERP

3 Problems Cloud ERP Can Solve for Your Company

Successfully coordinating complex business processes across a hodgepodge of different systems—or even an outdated integrated system—can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming.


Four Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your Business Software System

Something strange is happening with your business operations.

Cloud ERP

Is Your Business Falling Behind? Antiquated Software Might Be to Blame

Legacy software. The phrase may sound benign, even charming, conjuring visions of prestige and authority coupled with high value.

Medical Devices

Life Science Companies, are you ready to support changing customer needs?

Throughout our daily lives we see change being pushed by new and old concerns; costs, convenience, environment and mobility. The most predictable of these is that  we are all...


Six Keys When Preparing for an ERP Project

Rolling out a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) brings many benefits. These include streamlined business processes, a 360-degree view of operations, better financial...


The 7 Most Common ERP Questions

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is complex, especially for businesses that are considering it for the first time. A quick Google search doesn’t do much to clear up the...

Cloud ERP

When QuickBooks is Not Enough

Along with the success of a growing business comes the added responsibility of staying competitive and up-to-date with the latest advancements in business technology. Programs...


How Businesses Can Reduce Resource Scarcity During ERP Implementation

The cloud has made ERP accessible for businesses of all sizes. But larger firms still have an advantage when it comes to ERP: more resources for implementation.

SAP Business ByDesign

What Companies Are Using SAP?

When a business invests in enterprise resource planning software (ERP), it is investing for the long haul.


Why Cloud ERP Favors Businesses  below Large Enterprise

There are many advantages of running a small to medium-sized business (SMB).


Top 5 Mistakes when Moving from QuickBooks to ERP and How to Avoid Them

Congratulations. You’ve either decided to move from QuickBooks to an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP), or you’re considering it.

R&D Tax Credit

The R&D Tax Credit A Strategic Tax Advantage [Webinar]

The R&D Tax Credit: A Tax Strategy Designed to promote economic growth in the U.S.What is it?    A dollar-for-dollar credit against taxes owed.R&D tax credits directly offset...

Cloud ERP

Large Companies Can’t Run Without ERP—and Neither Should Yours

Every business is different, and Fortune 500 companies are no exception. But all Fortune 500 companies do share something in common aside from scale and profitability: They all...

mid-sized business

Bob Scott’s VAR Stars 2018 Announced

Navigator Business Solutions, has been selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2018, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of...


How to Avoid the Business Emergency Room

Businesses are not people, but they are legal entities with many of the same rights and responsibilities of people. They also share the same tendency of people to wait until a...

Cloud ERP

Five Alternatives to Cloud ERP

Have you heard yourself considering these alternatives? 


Cloud ERP Taking Off for SMBs

Small and mid-sized businesses have been wanting cloud ERP long before most consultants and ERP vendors were willing to offer it.

Where do I start my ERP Evaluation?

Deploying a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is an important initiative that deeply impacts both your organization’s strategy and daily operations. It streamlines...

ERP Software

Great, You Just got Funding—Now You Need an ERP System

There’s probably nothing more exciting in your experience as a startup than the day you received funding. Not only does this mean investors believe in your vision, but now you...

Press Release

Navigator Business Solutions Releases Turnkey SAP® Cloud ERP Solutions for Manufacturers and Distributors in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, June 14, 2018 — Navigator Business Solutions, an SAP® Gold Partner, has released a pair of turnkey ERP solutions designed specifically for manufacturers and...


How Real-Time Forecasting Helps You Stay Ahead of Demand

In an increasingly competitive market, demand-driven supply network optimization can imbue your consumer packaged goods (CPG) company with the predictive power to succeed.


What do I need to be Ready for GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation, ready for the Digital Economy

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign and GDPR

Will the GDPR Affect Your Organization?

Medical Devices

5 Key Features for Life Sciences Executives to look for in an ERP System

The Life Sciences industry (Bio-Pharma, Medical Device, Nutraceuticals, etc.) is unique in many ways beyond the products they bring to market, especially how organizations...

7 Reasons to look at replacing your current business systems

Better support your organization’s needs now and in the future.


Hey, Finance Team, we have a few questions for you.

Hey, Finance Team, we have a few questions for you.

SAP Business ByDesign Users Conference

Top 6 Reasons To Attend The 2017 ByDesign Users Conference

Running SAP's Business ByDesign ERP software can enable your business to thrive in the market you are in. Backed by SAP's solid reputation, ByDesign offers your business...

Life Sciences

What Is 21 CFR Part 11?

Title 21 -- FOOD AND DRUGS

ERP with financials

Enabling Financial Management for the Future

Faster and More-Effective Decision Making Simplify your business operations with integrated financials. Whether you are identifying new business opportunities, reacting to market...

sap tips

The Cloud, Without the questions. 7 secrets to selecting ERP.

Seven secrets to selecting an ERP solution. The first thing to remember is that this doesn’t have to be confusing.

Navigator cloud

Three Strategic Reasons for Moving to Cloud-Based ERP

Manufacturing, distribution, and service-oriented companies are facing critical challenges in today’s marketplace. To service the new global economy, companies need to be...


Navigator Quick Demo: Time Entry for Projects, SAP ByDesign

Today's quick demo from Navigator's Value Engineer Kent Blackhurst focuses on Time Entry for Projects within SAP's Business ByDesign.


Energy Service Companies: Finally, the way to see the whole picture

Most energy service companies do not have proper visibility.  It’s all too commonplace not to know whether a job will be profitable until all the paperwork is complete.

SAP ByDesign

BioDerm Relieving The Pressure With SAP Business ByDesign

How do you know when software is hampering your growth?  One clue is that you find yourself doing manual workarounds to key business processes.  Another is that you can’t get the...